Licensing/Intellectual Property/Technology Protections, Strategies and Opportunities

WPD understands that your Intellectual Property is one of your business’s most valuable assets. Trade Secrets, Copyrights, Trademarks, Service Marks, and all types of Technology, Confidential and Proprietary Information and Intellectual Property are a part of every business, small, medium, and large. WPD is here to guide you through reducing risks and protecting your Intellectual Property (IP), to ultimately reach your business goals and objectives.

Our IP Attorneys are experienced in the technology, manufacturing and services industries with extensive licensing, drafting, negotiating and mediating skills with the ability to resolve complex business and legal issues reaching final agreements and licenses in all areas of IP and technology, which provide a reasonable allocation of risk and reward between the parties.

We can help you with a wide range of Licensing, IP, and Technology issues, including:

  • Software and Other Technology IP Licenses
  • Software as a Service and Subscription Services
  • Joint Development, Collaboration, Distribution and Resell Arrangements
  • Negotiate and Resolve IP and Technology Arrangements
  • Managed Services; Consulting Services; Professional Services Agreements
  • Confidentiality/Proprietary (Trade Secret) and Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Resolving Disputes Involving IP and Technology
  • Non-Compete and Work Product Agreements and Protections;
  • Privacy Policies; On-Line Terms and Other Business Practices in All Areas of Commerce, including Conducting Business on the Internet
  • Trademarks, Service Marks, and Copyright Registrations and Searches
  • Guidance and Advice on all areas of IP with Recommendations on Protections to Put in Place

Whether you are looking to protect your Intellectual Property or looking to create a licensing agreement, the lawyers at WPD will be happy to help. For more information contact us at 847-253-8800 or

There are several articles on Licensing and Intellectual Property in the Business Blogs section of our website.

For more information contact us at 847-253-8800 or