Starting a business is confusing. So many forms, so many questions. Where do you start? The attorneys of WPD do not only work with big businesses. We also use our large experience to help clients get started in their business. Whether it’s helping you to pick an entity structure (LLC vs. Corporation), determining the proper domestic jurisdiction (Illinois vs. Delaware vs. Nevada or other states), preparing your initial documentation (Articles of Incorporation, EIN application, S Corp election and other documents), the attorneys of WPD are there from the beginning.

Entering into a business with a partner can bring other challenges. Careful drafting of your shareholder or operating agreement is key to avoiding costly litigation later. The attorneys of WPD work closely with our clients. Carefully reviewing options related to voting structure, management, transfers of stock/membership interest, exit strategies and other issues which can cause conflict in operating a business with others. The result is a document that can withstand the ups and downs of your business and minimize the risk of expensive litigation resulting from “business divorces”.