WBE/MBE/VBE/DBE Certification

Small businesses face numerous barriers when trying to break into markets dominated by large companies. The demand for diversity creates opportunities MBE, WBE, VBE or DBE certified businesses, allowing them to overcome these barriers and gain access to government and large corporate projects.

Obtaining a certification can be a complex and demanding process. The attorneys and paralegals at Waltz, Palmer & Dawson, LLC have significant experience representing and advising businesses through the certification process by:

  • Determining the appropriate certifying agency.
  • Structuring your company to meet the guidelines for a successful application.
  • Completing or reviewing the application and exhibits needed for the application.
  • Providing assistance with follow up questions/requests from the certifying agency.
  • Evaluating an appeal and any decisions to decertify from the certifying agency.

DBE Structuring and Joint Ventures

Disadvantaged Business Enterprises are limited by revenue and personal net worth caps. Businesses that grow beyond these caps lose their DBE certification – and, by default, their lucrative DBE contracts.

WPD works with our clients to create business structures that allow you to maximize your growth opportunities and lessen the impact of these caps. We provide you with proactive strategic advice related to business and joint venture structuring.

“I would not hesitate to recommend Susan Dawson and WPD for their legal expertise and proven results when it comes to secured lending matters. I worked with WPD on a complex deed-in-lieu transfer involving a multitude of environment issues.  Susan’s personalized attention and ability to address complexity with a practical approach allowed the bank to quickly recoup its investment.  The quick-turn around and no nonsense approach to my secured lending matters made this process effortless.”

Connie Lavin
Vice President, First Midwest Bank

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