Most experts agree that it is best for children to grow up in a stable environment with both parents. When Illinois couples divorce, they face the issue of co-parenting in a way that promotes healthy emotional, mental and physical circumstances for their children. For many couples, communication issues may have led to their split in the first place. The family lawyers of Chicago residents trust understand that in order to maintain a good working relationship on behalf of their children, parents must find ways to improve their communication skills.

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1. Communicate directly when possible

Like it or not, co-parenting requires frequent interaction between parents at least until children reach age 18. The process can be made simpler and with less conflict when parents are willing to communicate directly, rather than relying on their children or third parties to relay messages. Phone calls or face-to-face conversations are often the best avenues for contact, since parents can avoid misunderstandings and get immediate replies from one another. Family lawyers in Chicago often agree that text messages and emails can also be effective, but can lead to delayed responses.

2. Draft a co-parenting agreement

Parents who create a co-parenting agreement as part of child custody arrangements are often better able to stick to pre-arranged rules without raising issues with each other. An agreement allows both parents to settle on the ways that children are to be raised. With a guideline handy, many divorced parents find that it is easier to come up with a solution to parenting concerns.

3. Keep the past where it belongs

Once the divorce is over, a parent’s focus should be entirely on the children. When relationship issues from the past come up, it can be difficult to raise children in a loving environment. Family lawyers in Chicago know that old issues may cause problems when it comes to communication between parents, so it is best to forget or at least commit to not discussing the disputes that led to the breakdown of the marriage.

4. Discuss before deciding

Joint legal custody gives both parents the right to make important decisions for their children. Ex-spouses who co-parent should always discuss any decisions before proceeding. Both partners need to consult so that they can decide together what is best for their child. Compromises may have to be made, but it is important to remember that legal responsibilities need to be shared.

There are many different communication techniques that co-parenting requires, but good communication skills may be the most important. Maintaining a respectful relationship with the other parent can be a huge benefit for children as well as their parents.

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