Collaborative Family Law

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Collaborative Family Law takes the unique approach of attempting to address both the individual’s and the family’s needs during a divorce with the goal of enabling the parties to effectively and respectfully co-parent and/or coexist after completing the divorce process. Collaborative divorce requires two collaboratively trained attorneys and potentially additional collaboratively trained professionals to assist the parties through the process.

A collaborative law divorce is unlike a traditional divorce in that in a collaborative divorce the parties and their respective counsels will have a series of meetings to develop a mutually agreeable settlement on the issues of division of assets, liabilities and custody and visitation. Only after a settlement has been reached will the formal petition for dissolution of marriage be filed and the parties will quickly thereafter proceed with the divorce.

Collaborative dissolution of marriage is not limited to those individuals with children or those who may already be in agreement on a number of issues and is for anyone who may be interested in potentially avoiding a litigious court battle and the emotional and financial expense that comes with that. The attorneys of Waltz, Palmer & Dawson are here and ready to assist you with your collaborative family law matter.