Parenting Time (formerly known as Child Custody & Visitation)

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The issue of parenting time (formerly known as child custody and visitation) often arises after a divorce has been finalized, but may also occur for parents who have never been married. Generally, problems present themselves when there has been a change in the circumstances of the parents or child, or one party is not compliant with a prior custody/visitation agreement. A parenting time agreement (formerly known as a custody and visitation agreement), also known as a Joint Parenting Agreement, may have been previously agreed upon. Frequently, there is no formal court approved agreement and the parents have simply been able to agree on parenting time issues(formerly known as custody and visitation issues) in the past. Now, years have passed and the children have new schedules with after school activities or a parents work schedule has changed or a parent wants to move.

New circumstances may require the revision of an existing Parenting Time Agreement (formerly known as a Joint Parenting Agreement or the entry of a formal Joint Parenting Agreement) to assist each parent with guidelines for parenting time (formerly known as custody and visitation). If one parent is no longer capable of parenting or it is in the child’s best interest to reside with the other parent, it may be more appropriate to seek a change in custody. When changes affecting the child occur or a change is sought by a parent, the specific facts of each case will dictate the remedies available to the parent seeking the change or relief. A change in parenting time (formerly known as child custody) may also affect child support obligations.

These issues are rarely easy and very dependent on the specific factual situation of the parties. Only by discussing this with an experienced Chicago family lawyer will you have a better understanding of how a change in circumstances may affect the parenting time order (formerly known as child custody or visitation order).

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